VK Jelly Pickling Paste / Gel
VK Pickling Spray
SPATFREE 113 - Welding Anti Spatter
and flux - applied by brush or spray

We, Novel Surface Treatments ( NOVEL) , are ISO 9001 certified Manufacturer and Exporter of wide range of different surface technology chemical products that are used in various industries. We manufacture full range of VK range of Fumeless Pickling Passivation Cleaning chemicals in gel, paste, spray, liquid forms. Our products include Fumeless Pickling and Passivation chemicals, Pickling Gel, Pickling Paste, Weld Cleaning Gel, Stainless Steel Pickling Gel, Stainless Steel Pickling Paste for different grades of SS. SpatFree range of Welding Anti Spatter in liquid, spray, gel which are Silicone Free. GreenWonder range of Degreasers, Cleaners and Rust Protection Anti Rust products which are water based,Safe and Ecofriendly. We manufacture Rustocon Rust Convertor and Rust Remover and E Polish 210 Electropolishing chemicals

We manufacture various kinds of surface treatment related quality chemical products for various applications to suit different industries and application areas.Our solutions range from Stainless Steel related products, Steel related, Welding & Fabrication industry related. We are always striving to solve surface related issues of the industry and offer best quality products.


VK® Jelly®

VK Jelly Stainless Steel Pickling Gel Pickling Paste is used for cleaning weld seams and nearby heat affected surface areas. It is used to remove heavy scales, discolouration, annealing colours, rust particles near weld and welding affected area by heat.

VK® Spray

VK Spray Stainless Steel Pickling Spray Gel is used to clean large stainless steel surface areas with plastic spray pump or pressurised spray bottle. It simultaneously removes annealing colours, ferritic iron contamination & weld burn marks.


VK® Dip

VK® Dip is used for immersion (dipping) application & non-reachable areas of Stainless Steel ( S.S. ) components like internal & external of pipes, wire rolls, internal recessed areas of machinery etc. Heavy parts are dipped in a huge tank with the help of a chain pully.

VK® Pass 1 and VK® Pass 2

VK Pass-1 Stainless Steel Passivation liquid is used for general industrial purpose S.S. equipments & pipings to be used in industries like chemical, paper etc. non-hygenic industries.

VK Pass-2 Stainless Steel Safe Passivation liquid / gel is biodegradable, non-toxic, non-hazardous chelant passivation used for S.S. tanks, reaction vessels & pipings specially for industries like Pharmaceutical,Dairy,Food, Beverages, Cosmetics etc.


SpatFree ® 113

SpatFree 113 is Silicone free and paintable, water based Welding Anti Spatter liquid spray a new revolutionary product which has changed welding methods. This revolutionary product is non-toxic, non-flammable, non-polluting. It avoid welding spatters removal problems and improves weld joint quality and gives many other benefits. Tested and passes Load, bend, radiographic X-ray tests ; showing improvement in weld joint quality.

SpatFree ® Nozzle Gel & Liquid

SpatFree Nozzle Gel is Welding Anti Spatter gel paste and liquid form two products that is specially meant for application on welding nozzles and improvement of life span of welding nozzles. Used for Robotic , Automatic and Semi Automatic welding machines.


GreenWonder TM

GREENWONDER is Water based Neutral pH Degreaser, Cleaner and Anti Rust range of liquids. It's Ecofriendly, Safe and replaces Trichloroethylene , Perchloroethylene, CTC etc. hazardous solvents. Removes wide range of cutting , stamping, quenching, lubricating oils, grease, buffing compound etc. Prevents corrosion / rust temporarily. Used in Immersion, Ultrasonic , Spray , Hand Wipe application methods.


Rustocon Rust Converter is a single pack,ready to use solution which on application converts Steel Rust and acts as a protective coating preventing further rusting & corrosion. It also acts as an ideal base for painting. Rustocon prevents the steel from further rusting for a reasonable period of time without any paint coat on it. ( around 3 months stored in room )